Do you want to become a better player? Do you want to learn how the professionals do it? We can show you the way. Gamerzclass in a Danish esports training provider, who has struck a deal with many pro-players in CS:GO, FIFA 2021, Dota 2 and League of Legends. You get to try the coursevideos FOR FREE, and if you like, you can take them as a subscription service.

Dota 2


  Full classes taught by the best pros

  • Learn from N0tail, Topson, Cr1t, Nikobaby, Boxi & more
  • New Content Coming Every Month
  • Unique Masterclasses for Every Position


  Stay up to date with weekly video releases

  • 40 Hours of Pro Player Content every Month
  • Weekly videos and updates from Pro Players
  • Series by Nikobaby, Handsken, Jenkins, PPD and more!

Counter-Strike: Glogal Offensive CS:GO


  • Full classes taught by the best pros
  • Learn from Twistzz, Rush, NBK, Maniac, Snappi, Pimp, and more  
  • Unique Classes for all Game Aspects

Get inside the pros thought process and climb the ranks


With this CS:GO membership, you will be able to learn from the pro players themselves and climb the ranks fast. Whether you want to master T-side or CT-side, spray control, utility usage, lurking, smokes, we got you covered with classes from top-tier pros. Get your Gameplay looked at by other Pros, watch new videos every day & Join live group sessions with global elite level players on Discord.

  • Access more than 300 unique lessons for all Levels in CS:GO
  • Beginner, Advanced & Pro Level Classes
  • More than 100 hours of guides

FIFA 2021

Classes from the worlds best FIFA players

Together with you and the rest of the community, we find the world’s best FIFA talents and carefully tailor each class to what most of our users want to learn from that specific player. Each class is +2 hours filled with secret strategies, tips & tricks and much more – all made for you to increase your in-game knowledge and climb the ranks.

  • Learn from; Tekkz, BorasLegend, Agge & more
  • Unique classes and lessons for defending and attacking
  • Get inside the pros thought process and dominate your friends


Get a head start in FIFA21 with the Supreme FIFA Membership. This program is tailored for those FIFA players who want to win more games in Weekend League, get better at the game, and dominate all their friends. Get access to live sessions with other pros, and watch our videos on demand. The Supreme FIFA Membership is the ultimate package that will help you improve at FIFA fast without having to spend hundreds of dollars on FIFA Points.

  • Ask your questions directly to pro players
  • Exclusive Live Sessions With Pros
  • Big archive of video guides and game analysis

League of Legends


Full classes taught by the best pros

  • Learn from Jensen, Forg1ven, Soaz, Froggen, Odoamne & NicoThePico
  • Unique Classes for Every Role
  • Get inside the pros thought process and gain LP fast


With this League of Legend membership, you will be able to learn from the pro players themselves and climb ELO fast. Whether you want to master mid lane, top lane, support or you play AD carry, we got you covered with in-depth classes from top-tier pros. Suited for players anywhere from iron and bronze all the way to challenger.

  • Access more than 300 unique lessons for all roles in League
  • Beginner, Advanced & Pro Level Classes
  • More than 100 hours of guides

Esports education

Esports in school is catching on as the popularity of esports continues to grow. And while research shows that participation in school activities improves students’ performance and overall well-being, parents and educators have resisted the idea of organized esports in schools. But based on current trends, that may be set to change for the better.

The High School Esports League (HSEL) – just one of several such leagues – claims over 1500 schools as members. Between 2018 and 2019 the number of leagues that facilitate esports in schools nearly doubled. Newcomer PlayVS has an exclusive contract with The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the governing body for most high school sports and activities in the United States.

The Benefits of Esports in Schools

Educators know that taking part in extracurricular activities boosts student success. A lot. Regardless of the activity. Whether a comedy club or a softball team. A meet up for engineering enthusiasts or movie buffs. Studies have definitely shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more successful in a number of ways.1

Among the benefits: Involved kids miss less school and graduate at a higher rate. They do better in math and reading and more often aspire to higher education.2 Students that join activities are more likely to pay attention in class. They care more about their education.3 They also feel better about themselves and engage in fewer harmful behaviors like smoking and drinking.


The key to benefiting from this dynamic is for schools to offer activities that appeal to as many students as possible. That’s were esports comes in. Read on for five high-impact ways esports in schools is a great thing for students, schools and the community. 

Elektronista urheilua voi opiskella Suomessa useissa eri oppilaitoksissa ja kansanopistoissa. Hakuajat vaihtelevat riippuen koulutuksesta, tarkemmat tiedot löytyvät aina koulutuksen omilta verkkosivuilta.

Toisen asteen opinnot
Muut opinnot

Suomessa toimii 17 ammatillisen koulutuksen järjestäjää, jotka tarjoavat urheilijoille tarkoitettua ammatillista koulutusta ns. urheiluoppilaitoksissa. Näiden virallisten urheiluoppilaitosten lisäksi on useita ammattioppilaitoksia, joissa voit opiskella urheilun ehdoilla, eli ns. “urheilupainotteisissa” ammattioppilaitoksissa.

Ammatillista perustutkintoa voit suorittaa myös oppisopimuskoulutuksena, jolloin opiskelu voidaan kokonaan räätälöidä omien tarpeittesi mukaan.

The worlds of education and esports (competitive gaming) are colliding

Esports is a hugely popular recreational activity that also offers many job and career opportunities around the world. 

The British Esports Association recognises and welcomes this, and is leading the way in esports education to create pathways for young people seeking careers in esports and other closely linked digital industries. We have also created a wealth of esports careers advice too.

In April 2020, British Esports teamed up with global education publisher Pearson to develop the first esports BTEC qualification of its kind in the world. Institutions in the UK and around the world will have the opportunity to offer these new qualifications to students from September 2020, with funding confirmed in the UK from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

British Esports also has other plans in this space, to be explored and announced in due course, including other potential courses, an esports in education summit and more.