Now Team Liquid is one of the most respected and successful brands in eSports history, but this has not always been so.

Originally a dutch StarCraft: Brood War clan was founded by Victor “Nazgul” Goossens in 2000. With the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010), Team Liquid signed its first professional players. In 2012, Team Liquid recruited a North American Dota 2 team, marking the first venture into multi-genre management.

Organisation did not stop there and entered some new disciplines. However, Team Liquid’s turning point happened only in January 2015, when it officially merged with Team Curse under the Liquid banner, bringing on former Curse staff and teams.

Since September 2016 Team Liquid has been a part of aXiomatic – an entertainment and sports management company. In 2017 TL (through aXiomatic) was chosen by The Walt Disney Company to be one of the projects that would participate in the ‘Disney Accelerator’ programme and get support.

Over the years Team Liquid has won numerous tournaments in different disciplines, but the most important one was The International 2017. From August 2017 to the present days Team Liquid has been ranked first in the list of organisations with the highest overall prize money earnings.

Team Liquid Roster Summary

Apex Legends$61,915.000.17%
Arena FPS$548,961.001.50%
Arena of Valor$0.000.00%
Call of Duty$26,250.000.07%
Clash Royale$285,649.770.78%
Dota 2$22,993,431.1062.67%
Free Fire$10,335.820.03%
Heroes of the Storm$433,315.751.18%
League of Legends$1,054,963.502.88%
League of Legends (TL Academy)$45,500.000.12%
Magic: The Gathering$96,500.000.26%
Rainbow Six$541,349.621.48%
Rocket League$29,300.000.08%
Street Fighter$328,350.280.89%
Super Smash Bros.$478,571.341.30%
Teamfight Tactics$31,525.000.09%

Country Summary

1. United States$6,552,036.5117.86%
2. Germany$5,311,161.2714.48%
3. Bulgaria$4,534,754.0012.36%
4. Finland$4,274,690.2711.65%
5. Jordan$4,068,404.4011.09%
6. Lebanon$4,063,004.4011.07%
7. Canada$1,854,796.215.06%
8. Korea, Republic of$938,630.452.56%
9. Romania$929,373.272.53%
10. Brazil$808,618.242.20%
11. Norway$689,186.071.88%
12. Netherlands$519,319.171.42%
13. Sweden$404,691.511.10%
14. Denmark$307,735.500.84%
15. Philippines$142,458.500.39%
16. Spain$134,547.980.37%
17. Ukraine$123,931.750.34%
18. Gibraltar$122,100.000.33%
19. Poland$110,985.390.30%
20. United Kingdom$97,114.180.26%
21. France$85,917.380.23%
22. Mexico$70,250.000.19%
23. Croatia$40,500.000.11%
24. Russian Federation$37,500.000.10%
25. Japan$30,286.820.08%
26. Australia$27,500.000.07%
27. Hong Kong$19,878.820.05%
28. Portugal$10,324.260.03%
29. China$7,000.000.02%
30. Venezuela$6,000.000.02%
31. Latvia$6,000.000.02%
32. Belgium$3,724.380.01%
33. Italy$3,599.990.01%

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Jembty on Twitter: “Today I’m announcing that I’m leaving @TeamLiquid . I want to thank my teammates for a good year and best o
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Rogue on Twitter: “Free Agent for anything Apex Legends related! Lots to say, can’t say. But myself & geesh definitely deserve
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Farewell to our Heroes
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