Setting up your own esports organization

Surely in some form you have watched esports games and gaming, and that’s how you’ve started thinking about starting your own organization? You may have a foundation for playing yourself, or you can be an entrepreneur who wants to get in contact with the young adults following esports and the  ever-increasing number of enthusiasts, the foundation may be different, but what does it take for an organization to have opportunities?

The esports organisation is slightly different from traditional sports mainly because games and tournaments are tracked through streaming services such as Twitch, while traditional sports have been followed by going to the site. In addition, sports enthusiasts and players are very active on various social media channels, and all this creates different operating bases for these sports – but both should take into account perennility and continuous development of activities.

For example, many esports professionals from Finland have risen to many games, such as Dota2, CS:GO, Starcraft II, R6S and PUBG, and these players are known to enthusiasts around the world. But at the same time, finland is going through a situation where in practice there are only 3-4 organisations that actually operate in international dimensions, and the biggest and most successful ENCE, is also an organisation with a turnover of only about EUR 3 million, which is only just creating its own history.

What does the organization require?

A successful organisation requires a management team with a clear goal for the coming years and a business plan to implement it. The plan requires both game selections, team searches, starting junior activities and financing negotiations. Most international esports organisations have been operating at a loss for the first few years. To reach the top international level in more games, big investments are required in players, coaches and infrastructure – a functioning large organisation must have its own training facilities, but also facilities that can earn revenue. Revenue must also come from broadcasting rights, tournaments and products sold, and all this requires planning. Tournament wins don’t come by themselves and tournaments can only be reached at the beginning through qualifiers, and if you start from zero, you have to clear the way from the early races – the second option is always to know the finished team and then get a ready position on the world lists of the game.

  • functional and forward-planning management
  • multiple teams in different games
  • developing players of the future
  • PR functions, streaming
  • sales products, business services
  • training, analysis, training
  • financing negotiations

Game selection

At the moment, you can play about 50 different games around the world at a level that you can call a professional level. At the very top, most of these games have multi-million-dollar tournaments, and new tournaments and games are created both regionally and globally – the international esports industry is evolving and gathering even more spectators, as well as enthusiasts, at a constant heart rate.

Player selection

You can choose to develop your own team from the very beginning, or around a star player. The top international level required something completely different from home games, so the organisation must have international experience if you want to go to that level – and if you don’t want to, why would you even set up an organisation? One way is for Americans to engage in an   organization or even a team that is already familiar to the public and well-known – from another sport, or even an actor? This creates media demand for the organisation, which in its own way makes it easier to find donors, which in other ways makes it easier to build a team and other parts of the organization. A big part of the organization’s success is also a functional streaming team that tells you what’s going on and where it’s going – this too requires real planning – just like any business you want to succeed.

It is possible to get a quick result in e-sports, but it requires good funding, will, work and a lot of luck and skill. If you/you are building or planning to start your own gaming organization – lay the foundations properly so that the action has at least some chance of success.

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